The following is a list of current model desktops we have available at our local Acer warehouse in Vancouver. It includes everything from all-in-one systems to Acer’s Predator gaming line.  They are all brand new “Open Box” units and are typically 20% or more off the MSRP that you would find in a big box retailer. They come with a full Acer 1-year parts and labour warranty. This can also be extended to 3-years – contact us for pricing.

If you would like pictures and additional specifications of any particular unit, just Google the 10 to 11 digit hyphenated part number.

Hardware warranty turn around time is very fast with the local Acer service centre located in Burnaby. These take one to two business days to ship out directly to you anywhere in southwest BC. We can even ship to any Purolator depot for pick up if that’s more convenient for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.


ACER RECERT N50-600-EB19 I7-9700 16GB 1TB+256G SSD GTX 1660TI 6G WIFI W10 1331.00
ACER RECERT N50-600-EB1A I7-9700 12GB 1TB+128G SSD GTX 1650 6G DVD W10 1199.00
ACER RECERT N50-600-UR13 i5-8400 HC 2.8GHz 8GD4 256SSD DVD GTX1060 6G USB W10 1179.00
ACER RECERT NITRO 5 i5-9400F 6-CORE 8GD4 1TB DVD GTX1050 2GB W10 863.00
ACER RECERT NITRO N50-600-EB18 i5-9400F 12GD4 256GBSSD+2TB GTX 1050Ti 4G DVD W10 1067.00
ACER RECERT NITRO N50-600G-EW11 i5-8400 12GB 1TB DRW GTX1050 2G W10 839.00
ACER RECERT PO3-600-EB13 i7-9700 16GD4 1TB 512GB RTX2060 6G W10 1699.00
ACER RECERT PO3-600-ES13 i5-9400F 2.9GHz 16GD4 2TB 256GB GTX1660Ti 6G W10 1319.00
ACER RECERT SFF XC-830-EB11 J5005 QC 1.5GHz 8GD4 1TB DVD WIFI HD605 VGA HDMI W10 455.00
ACER RECERT TC-330G-EW12 A6-9220 2.50GHz DC 8GB 1TB DVD HDMI VGA USB W10 419.00
ACER RECERT TC-330-UB11 A9-9420 DC 12GD4 1TB R5  DVD VGA HDMI W10 479.00
ACER RECERT TC-885-EB13 i5-8400 8GD4 2TB+128SSD VGA HDMI USB W10 719.00
ACER RECERT TC-885-EB14 i5-9400 8GD4 2TB DVD BT USB W10 695.00
ACER RECERT TC-885-EB15 Ci5-9400 8GD4 2TB 128SSD DVD BT USB W10 743.00
ACER RECERT TC-885-EB17 i5-9400 QC 2.9GHz 12GD4 1TB DVD HD630 USB W10 695.00
ACER RECERT TC-885-ES17 i5-9400 2.9GHz 8GD4 1TB DVD USB-C HD630  W10 647.00
ACER RECERT TC-885-ES18 i5-9400 2.9GHz 12GD4 1TB 128G SSD DVD USB-C HD630 W10 719.00