The following is a list of current model laptops we have available at our local Acer warehouse in Vancouver. It includes everything from tablets to Acer’s Predator gaming systems. They are all brand new “Open Box” units and are typically 20% or more off the MSRP that you would find in a big box retailer. They come with a full Acer 1-year international parts and labour warranty. This can be upgraded to Acer’s 3-year Total Protection Plan which additionally covers the laptop from accidents (drops, spills; etc) for $229.

If you would like pictures and additional specifications of any particular unit, just Google the 10 to 11 digit hyphenated part number that comes after the screen size.

Acer is Canada’s #1 laptop manufacturer. Warranty turn around time is extremely fast with the local Acer service centre located in Burnaby. These take one business day to ship out directly to you anywhere in southwest BC. We can even ship to any Purolator depot for pick up if that’s more convenient for you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

ACUSEL OPEN BOX LAPTOP SPECIALS PRICELIST                                      NOVEMBER 1st, 2019  
ACER RECERT 10.1″ SWITCH S1003-147P INT x5-Z8350 1.44GHz QC 4G 64G W10 251.00
ACER RECERT 13.3″ TOUCH SPIN 5 CONV SP513-52N-530R i5-8250U 8GD4 256SSD W10 BLIT 870.00
ACER RECERT 13.3″ TOUCH SPIN 5 CONV SP513-52N-55LV i5-8250U 8GD4 256SSD W10 PEN 870.00
ACER RECERT 14″ SWIFT3 IPS SF314-52-58TX i5-8250U 8GD4 256SSD BLIT WIN10  SILVER 671.00
ACER RECERT 14″ SWIFT3 SF314-54-39ZD i3-8130U 4GD4 1TB 16G OPTANE W10 SILVER 587.00
ACER RECERT 14″ TOUCH SPIN3 IPS SP314-51-55PY i5-8250U 8GD4 1TB W10  M.2 SLOT 683.00
ACER RECERT 15.6 YOGA TOUCH SP515-51GN-55HJ i5-8250U 8GD4 256SD GTX1050 4GB W10 1079.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″  A315-21-92FK A9-9420 3GHz 12GD4 1TB AMD R5 HDMI USB W10 491.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-26KY E2-9000 1.8 GHz 8GD4 1TB R2 GRAPHICS USB HDMI W10 383.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-47EU A4-9120E DC 1.5GHz 8GD4 1TB R3 HDMI USB W10 395.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-4808 A4-9120 DC 2.2GHz 8GD4 1TB R5 HDMI USB W10 395.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-61TA DC A6-9220E 6GD4 1TB HDD W10 BK 407.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-656G A6-9220 2.5GHz 8GD4 1TB M.2 HDMI USB W10 419.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-6728 DC A6-9220E 8GD4 1TB HDD m.2 SLOT HDMI  W10 431.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-942R A9-9420e 12GD4 1TB R5 HDMI USB W10 503.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-21-97YE A9-9420 3GHz 12GD4 1TB R5 HDMI USB W10 491.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-22-979Y A9-9420e 8GD4 1TB BT R5 GRAPHICS USB W10 479.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-32-C4Y0 INTEL N4000 DUALCORE 4GD4 500GB HD (M.2 SLOT) W10 335.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A315-33-P8HD N3710 QC 1.6G 4GD3 (NO M.2)1TB HDMI USB W10 RED 402.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-41G-12AX A12-9720P QC 2.7G 8GD4 1TB RADEON RX540 2GB W10 599.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-51-85UY i7-8550U 8GD4 1TB+128G SSD W10 875.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-51G-56T5 i5-8250U 8GD4 1TB GEFORCE MX150 2GB W10 707.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-51G-5718 i5-8250U 8GD4 256SSD 1080P GF MX150 2G BLIT W10 791.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-51G-89AT i7-8550U 8GD4 1TB HDD M.2  GF MX150 2GB W10 BLIT 875.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-52-548C  i5-8265U QC 1.6GHz 8GD4 256SSD HDMI USB-C W10 719.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-52-57MU i5-8265U 12GD4 256SSD BT USB HDMI W10 755.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ A515-54-58U7  i5-8265U QC 12GD4 512G SSD HDMI USB-C W10 815.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ AN515-53-79S8 i7-8750 HC 2.2GHz 16GD4 512GSSD GTX1060 6G W10 call
ACER RECERT 15.6″ AN515-53-79Y6 i7-8750H 16G 1TB+256SSD GTX 1050Ti 4GB W10 1199.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ AN515-54-58YY i5-9300H QC 2.4GHz 8GD4 1TB GTX 1050 3G HDMI W10 935.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ AN515-54-75UQ i7-9750 QC 16GD4 512G SSD  GTX 1650 4G  W10 call
ACER RECERT 15.6″ ASPIRE 5 A515-51-8401 i7-8550U 12G DDR4 1TB W10 BK 875.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ NITRO 5 AN515-53-527H i5-8300H 12G4 128GSSD+1TB GTX1050 4G W10 1043.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ NITRO 5 AN515-53-55H5 i5-8300H 8G 1TB GTX1050 4G WIN 10 899.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ NITRO 5 AN515-53-741E i7-8750H 16G 128GSSD+1TB GTX1050 4G W10 1235.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ PREDATOR PH315-51-73S0 i7-8750H 16G 256GSSD+1TB GTX1060 6G W10 1619.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ RYZEN 5 3550H QC 2.1GHz 8GD4 1TB RX560X 4G HDMI TYPE-C W10 851.00
ACER RECERT 15.6″ SWIFT 3 SF315-52-87R5 QC I7-8550 1.8GHz 8GD4 256SSD W10 863.00
ACER RECERT 17.3″ A517-51G-52RE i5-8250U 2X4G 1TB 16GOPTANE DVD M.2 MX150 2G W10 779.00
ACER RECERT 17.3″ AN517-51-59Q i5-9300 QC 2.4G 8GD4 512GBSSD GTX1650 4G USBC W10 call
ACER RECERT 17.3″ PH517-61-R0GX RYZEN7 2700 OC 3.2GHz 16G4 256SSD RX VEGA 8G W10 2394.00
ACER RECERT 7″ B1-7A0-K07X MT8167B QC 1.30 GHz 1GB 16GB ANDROID WHITE 93.00
ACER RECERT15.6″ A515-52G-57TT i5-8265U QC 1.6G 8GD4 256GB MX150 2G BLIT  BW10 803.00