Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10’s next big update, dubbed the “Anniversary Update”, is due out this summer.  Microsoft’s website indicates “July 2016” so one could surmise that it will come out on July 29th, the one year anniversary of the release of Windows 10.  There are many new and interesting changes and updates included.  Here are a few of […]

Change File Explorer to Open to “This PC” in Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, you may have noticed that whenever you open File Explorer, it always opens to Quick Access. While the new Quick Access feature is handy, we’re finding many people would prefer to have Explorer open to This PC instead.  Basically the same way “Computer” worked in Windows 7.  Being able to access the different […]

Windows 10 tip: Access symbols, emojis and more

Entering special characters, including foreign currency symbols, fractions, and emoji, is a cumbersome task on most physical keyboards. Use this hidden Windows 10 option to open an on-screen keyboard that puts all those options at your fingertips: Entering special characters in Windows can be inconvenient if those characters aren’t supported directly by your desktop or […]

Say Goodbye to Internet Explorer

The sun is setting on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser.  Starting today, Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9 and 10 on most operating systems.  The Redmond, WA based company has been distancing itself from IE since it launched their Edge browser with the release of Windows 10 last summer.  Internet Explorer dominated the […]

2016 Technology Trends

Hopefully you had a fantastic holiday season and will have a prosperous and happy new year.  Today we take a look at a couple of technology trends that will become more prominent this year: 3D printing 3D printing has been a popular talking point for years now. However while the technology is well-established for modeling […]