Obduction: Spiritual successor to Myst

Myst was one of the very first games that shipped on CD-ROM.  It is a first person adventure game set in an eerie world filled with puzzles and detail.  Released in 1993 by developer Cyan, it was the best selling PC game ever until The Sims exceeded its sales in 2002.  There were a host of sequels that were released over the years and the franchise wound down in 2005 with Myst 5: End of Ages.  That is, until now…sort of.

Obduction was announced in October of 2013 by Cyan co-founder and CEO Rand Miller as a Kickstarter campaign with an initial development goal of $1.1 million.  One month later from the donations of 22,000 fans, they had raised $1.3 million which meant that they could develop for VR (virtual reality) as well.

Obduction was released on August 24th to very favourable reviews.  Though not actually set in the Myst “universe”, Obduction is meant to serve as a spiritual successor.  The player’s character has been abducted from Earth by aliens and transported to one of several alien worlds, with the goal to try to find a way home.  Using the Unreal 4 engine and music composed by Cyan co-founder Robyn Miller, the game is a beautiful adventure/puzzle game masterpiece that is definitely worth a play through.

Obduction can be purchased from the Steam Store for $32.99 CAD.

For a more in-depth review see http://www.pcworld.com/article/3111804/software/obduction-review-the-captivating-start-of-the-post-myst-age.html

System requirements for Obduction are below…

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