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  • Amazon Alexa Devices Now Have a Whisper Mode - Amazon has added a whisper mode to Alexa devices. Now you can whisper to your device and it will respond in kind. Here is an example of normal mode and whisper mode. I suggest that everyone try it with the "Sweet Talker" skill enabled. Or just c
  • John "TotalBiscuit" Bain to Be Inducted into Esports Hall of Fame - John Bain, otherwise known as TotalBiscuit in the gaming community, will be inducted into the Esports Hall of Fame at ESL One Hamburg 2018. He will be the first non-player inducted. TotalBiscuit was well known for his gaming reviews on YouTube, ga
  • Industry Groups Representing Internet Providers Sue Vermont over Net Neutrality Law - Vermont is the latest state to be sued by multiple industry groups representing the cable industry and internet providers. The trade associations filed the lawsuit to block states from being able to write laws that adopt Net Neutrality. "The lawsu
  • Tesla Announces $45,000 Model 3 with 260 Mile Range - Tesla has announced a cheaper version of the Tesla Model 3. The $45,000 version will forgo some of the range, 260 miles versus 310 miles, of the more expensive Model 3 cars. The cheaper Model 3 is rear-wheel-drive while the upscale versions have d
  • Human Augmentation Biohacks Become Mainstream - Humans are augmenting their bodies with biohacks; chips and other devices inserted under the skin that give new functionality to the individual. These range from simple chip insertions that allow an employee to enter an office building without havi

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