Change File Explorer to Open to “This PC” in Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, you may have noticed that whenever you open File Explorer, it always opens to Quick Access. While the new Quick Access feature is handy, we’re finding many people would prefer to have Explorer open to This PC instead.  Basically the same way “Computer” worked in Windows 7.  Being able to access the different drives on the computer and network devices is sometimes more important for people than accessing frequently used folders or recently opened files.

To change the default folder from Quick Access to This PC when openingExplorer, first click on File while you’re in Explorer and then click on Change folder and search options.  In the dialog that pops up, you should already be on the General tab. At the very top, you’ll see Open File Explorer to where you can select from This PC and Quick Access.  Just pick This PC from the drop down menu and you’re good to go! Now when you open Explorer, you should see it open to This PC selected instead of Quick Access.

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