Virus & Malware Removal

virus-and-malware-removalLet our expert team clean up your machine and restore its performance.  We have years of experience in this field and can remove any suspected virus, spyware or malware for you.  We can usually get to you the same day.  Alternatively if it’s more convenient for you we can pick your system up from you and redeliver it once we’ve resolved the problem.  Serving the entire Lower Mainland.  Call us today!  604-649-2300


Virus Removal:

Most computer users have a problem with malware, which is different from a virus. A virus is self-replicating; malware is not. Malware may block your Internet access, redirect you to Web sites you do not wish to visit, prevent you from visiting Web sites that you do want to visit, and will probably disable critical administrative functions. They may also prevent you from opening your programs or hide your personal data.

In addition, on rare occasions, an especially ruthless infection will cause more extensive damage to your operating system, which may require a reinstallation of your Windows operating system. And if the malware program is poorly written, it may cause your computer to crash or blue screen, but that is even more rare. A blue screen error that is caused by malware can usually be repaired as well. Most viruses and malware issues can be resolved within 1-1.5HRS.