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Google recently released their spiffy new dedicated photos app for Android, iOS and web browsers.  The big news is that it includes unlimited storage for photos and video.  The one caveat is that the pictures are limited to 16mp (or 4608 x 3456) and videos to 1080p (or full HD).  This is more than enough for most folks.  Only the most sophisticated digital SLR cameras shoot higher than that.

The app has very sophisticated organization and search functionality.  The service analyzes and organizes images into groups and can identify features such as beaches, places, activities and faces.  You can search for things like “Vancouver Snow” and it will return pictures that contain the same.  Once you tag a person in a photo, it uses facial recognition to remember that person.  It can even group faces as they age.

There are advanced editing and enhancing features built in as well.  Similar photos can be seamlessly stitched together for a panorama shot or turned into a mini animated movie.  Sharing your photos is also a breeze with direct links to Facebook, Twitter and Goolge+.

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