Resolution Revolution

4K is the hottest techie buzzword of 2015 but what exactly is it?  4K Ultra HD is the next generation industry standard resolution for displays in our homes and computers ie. TV’s and monitors.  The reason it’s called 4K is that the images are approximately 4000 pixels wide.  While most of us are currently using 1920×1080 displays, 4K is four times that resolution at 3840×2160 adding about 6.2 million more pixels.  4K TV sets and monitors are now available from just about every manufacturer.  The biggest problem at the moment is content availability.  None of the cable providers are offering 4K content just yet.  Netflix, however, has select shows streaming at 4K (House of Cards, Breaking Bad, The Blacklist) as well as a handful of films and documentaries.  You do need a minimum 25Mbps internet connection. Currently, however, the content selection is limited at best.  Amazon is also offering a 4K streaming video service.  Then there’s PC gaming.  Most of the current top PC games support the 4K resolution.  One caveat: you have to own an insane gaming rig to play them with any sort fluidity.  As far as console gaming goes, neither the PS4 nor the XBOX One support the format.  Rumour has it though, that there will be a hardware refresh of both of the consoles that will support 4K sometime in the future.  This slow adoption is typical for a major resolution increase.  It was the same for 1080p HD which is now the norm. The good news is many new films and some TV shows are now filming in 4K as a future-proofing measure.

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