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6 Great Mouse Tricks Most People are Unaware of:

Every computer user knows that clicking on a link or icon will open whatever item that object is pointing to, but there is a lot more to clicking your mouse buttons than just visiting links and opening programs.

Here are six handy mouse tricks that you might not be aware of:

1 – Double-click on a word to select it. This is a lot faster than clicking on the first letter of a word and then dragging the mouse pointer to the end of that word.

2 – Triple-click on a word to instantly select the entire paragraph that contains it. This is a lot faster than clicking on the first letter in the paragraph, holding the Shift key, then clicking on the last letter in the paragraph.

3 – Click the mouse wheel (press down on it with your finger) to open a link in a new window or tab. This is faster and easier holding the Ctrl key while you click the link.

4 – Hold the Ctrl key while rolling the mouse wheel to zoom in or out and change the font size. Hold the Ctrl key and press the 0 key (that’s zero, not the letter O) to return the zoom level and font size to their original states.

5 – Hold Alt to Select Columnar Text.  Have you ever felt the need to select text vertically on a Word document? And did you end up doing that one by one, wasting lot of time?  To make a vertical selection, hold downALT as you drag down through the text you want to highlight. After dragging it vertically, you can drag it horizontally too, to select as much of the text you want.

6 – Right mouse button tricks.  Try to drag & drop items with the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button. Once you release the mouse button to drop the items, this will bring up a context menu that asks you what you want to do, i.e. copy here, move here, or create a shortcut.  Also, try holding Shift down when you right click an object.  Usually you will be presented with an extended menu with hidden options.

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