Windows 11 has arrived

Released in July of 2015, Windows 10 has had a good run.  Now with the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has announced the end of support for Windows 10 will come in 2025.

There are many compelling reasons to upgrade to Windows 11.  Here are just a few:
• New windows layout options including virtual desktops
• Microsoft Teams with built-in video chat (think Zoom)
• The addition of Android apps via the Amazon Appstore
• Support for the new efficiency cores in Intel 12 series and higher CPUs
• Widgets: an AI-powered customizable feed that slides out to show you such info as news, weather, a glimpse at your calendar and to-do list and your recent photos
• Beautiful, more consistent new design
• Other performance improving features

Let Acusel help you to upgrade to this latest operating system.

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